Why Modern SEO & What is All About?

First let me welcome you Eight and Eleven. This name was chosen to represent the modern style in SEO.

No longer do we focus on a particular keyword and rank them on #1 of Google. This was a thing of the past. In fact it is considered stupid to focus on a particular keyword anymore.

Why This Change in Scenario?

Simply put Google is getting more and more better. Google now awards not just backlinks but a site’s ┬áCTR and Readers’ usability.

Lets say you have a site on a gardening niche. This website has several high authoritative backlinks. It shoots up to first page and stays up there for a couple of weeks.

However, after few days the site loses its positions and drops all the way down to second page. In worst case it goes to 5th or even lower page.

This usually happens when Google notices that your site does not have the attention span of users.

If this happens to your business all the hard work in getting those backlinks goes to waste. To get back you will need to focus more on how users navigate on your site.

So What Do You Suggest?

I suggest creating posts which does not focuses on a single keyword or even a couple of keywords for that matter.

Write interesting contents and Google will take care of that.

You Are Saying Not to Build Backlinks?

Of course not. Waiting for someone to pick up your article and link to it is a myth. This is never going to happen.

You still have to gain some backlinks as usual.

However, your focus will be more on On Page SEO.

You will have to craft articles that are really interesting and captivates the interest of your readers. Try to get your readers stick to your post as long as possible and you will have those #1 serp positions in no time.